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Dodo JuiceLusso Oro Car Care Range

In October 2009 we were appointed the first reseller of this high quality range, which was brought to the UK from the USA earlier in the year. By concentrating on a limited product set with a focus on quality, ease of use in applying the pre-wax and wax, a superb price/performance balance has been achieved. The results gained by using this system are very impressive.

The products work best as a system so are available from us solely as a bundle of Wax plus Revitalising Creme and optional Shampoo.

LO-Wax Lusso Oro Wax   240ml £34.99 Add to basket
Lusso Oro Wax Lusso Oro is a handcrafted blend of four different waxes, each one integral to the formula. #1 Brazilian Carnauba is super refined to achieve the best clarity, then two different Montan waxes are added to the mix – one imported from Germany, and a micro-crystaline wax refined in the United States. There is also use a unique resin added to help the wax bond to the painted surface.

A special oil system keeps the wax in suspension, without drying or setting up too quickly. This lets you work the wax into the paint, without the panic of trying to remove the excess wax in a hurry.

These four waxes blend to create a fabric of wax, stronger than any one wax alone, which gives Lusso Oro the protection and depth of shine unlike any other wax. Lusso Oro goes on incredibly easily and when applying, remember, less is more. Your finish is better with two or more very thin coats of wax, rather than one heavy coat.

For best results use Lusso Revitalizing Creme before Lusso Oro.

LO-Pre250 Lusso Oro Revitalizing Creme (Pre-Wax Cleanser) + Lusso Wax bundle   237ml £46.99 Add to basket
Lusso Oro Revitalizing Creme Lusso Revitalizing Creme is a non-abrasive, oil based treatment for automotive paint which will remove old wax, tar, dead paint, and fills minor or hair line scratches. This product combines light cleaning to remove old wax, residue, oxidized or "dead" paint and reveal a new luxurious finish. This product also results in a smooth painted surface and prepares it for the wax coat.

Lusso Revitalizing Creme will give your paint that deep shine. Use before waxing any painted surface. The more time you spend working with the Revitalizing Creme, the better your car will look when finished.

Supplied only with Lusso Oro Wax.

LO-Wash Lusso Oro Auto Bathe, Lusso Revitalising Creme and Lusso Wax bundle   237ml
£55.99 Add to basket
Lusso Oro Auto Bathe

As the Bathe is out of stock this offer is no longer very good value so we recommend you dont buy it.

Lusso Auto Bathe is based on a non-phosphate, pH balanced hair shampoo formula, without all the extras found in hair care products, so is gentle enough for your car. The net result is a safe cleaner which loosens and removes dirt from your paint, but rinses off quickly and easily without leaving a dulling residue on your paint.

Highly concentrated Auto Bathe will not strip the wax. You can actually feel the difference. Dirt is gone, wax remains and the shine is deep. Sufficient for 8 luxurious washes.

Supplied only with Lusso Oro Wax and Revitalising Creme.

Lusso-Glass Lusso Glass Polish OUT OF STOCK   8oz £9.99 Add to basket
Lusso Glass Polish

Lusso Glass Polish has been formulated to be safe for all types of tinted window films and is also safe for interior leather trim. The unique 360 degree fine mist sprayer will work when used upside down or sideways and will not leak or dribble on the dash.

Lusso Glass Polish is a concentrate. Mix 4 to 1 with water for normal conditions. New cars or heavy smokers will benefit from a 2 to 1 ratio.

The 8 oz concentrate is supplied with an empty fine mist spray bottle at no extra charge.

Lusso-Wash Lusso Shampoo     £9.99 Out of Stock

Lusso Shampoo out of stock