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R222 / P21S

A long established line for Morethanpolish, well proven and tested in the field by professional detailers for many years.
The range started in Germany in 1984 and was quickly approved by certain German car manufacturers. It is now variously branded P21S or R222. It’s the same product inside the bottle !

P21S/R222 products which enjoy a particularly strong reputation are the gel wheel cleaners and the shampoo, which we have focussed on, and the Concours Carnauba wax which is also something of a dark horse product - used by many but not eulogised about on forums as the latest fad wax. Yet, it enjoys a strong following as its a great 'show' wax, with a brilliant shine, albeit lacking on ultimate longevity. It therefore does what it says on the jar.

P21S Total AutoWash Refill (1 litre)

P21S Total Auto Wash has a misleading name – its actually a citrus based, biodegradable pre-cleaner for tree sap, insect spatters, bird droppings, engines, wheel wells, rocker panels, floor mats and other grimy areas.
To remove insect remains, tree sap or bird presents from your paint, or wax residue from exterior rubber/vinyl trim, spray on a soft cloth, dab the spot, let it work for a moments, dab on more, let it work and then hose off.
To clean engines, mats, wheel wells, etc., spray on, allow to clean for a few minutes, gently brush heavily soiled areas and then rinse off with water. P21S Total AutoWash leaves the finish sparkling clean with a fresh orange scent. Will not damage paint, chrome, aluminium, rubber or plastic. Do not use any degreaser on a hot surface.
Mix one (1) cup of Total Auto Wash with one (1) gallon water and wash your car to strip old wax and may also be diluted with more or less water for specific cleaning projects. When used undiluted, it will help remove ink from leather.

The P21S Total Auto Wash Refill, 1 litre Bottle, is designed to be used with the P21S Total Auto Wash Pump Spray Kit.


P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser

P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser removes rain spots, minor stains and surface contaminants. It adds essential emollient oils back into the paint and prepares the paint for P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax. It is a thick, rich, white creamy pre-wax cleaner (polish) that works equally well with any other quality Carnauba wax. The gentle chemical cleaners make this one of the finest and most gentle polish available. It should be used about twice a year for most cars.

Application method: apply a small amount to a soft, cotton flannel or terry cloth or microfiber applicator pad, work into the paint surface until it hazes and then buff off with a soft, cotton flannel or Microfibre buffing/polishing cloth. Polish one panel at a time and then immediately protect the same panel with a coat of P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax.


P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax (6.2 oz / 185ml)

P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax 6.2 oz is a proven Carnauba paste wax that offers the deepest, "wet look" shine available on the market according to several independent tests. Concours Look does not contain any unnecessary dyes, perfumes or colorants. Does not chalk or dust or leave white residue stains on rubber, plastics or matt finish paints.

Apply a thin coat of the wax over a small area (12" x 12") and immediately buff off with a soft, 100% cotton flannel or Microfibre buffing/polishing cloth. Do not allow the wax to haze over. The depth of shine on clear and non-clear coat finishes is unmatched. Do not apply in hot sun or to hot surfaces. Jar includes a closed cell foam applicator pad.
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P21S Gel High Performance Wheel Cleaner Pump Spray Kit and Refills (1 Litre & 5 Litre)

The original P21S High Performance formula is a pH controlled, acid free, water based detergent solution that will not damage expensive painted, clear coated, polished or anodised wheels. Highly effective against all types of dirt and brake dust.
Spray on a dry, cool wheel, gently sponge to remove any drips or runs, allow to work for a few minutes and then rinse all traces off with water. Extra dirty wheels may need gentle scrubbing with a soft wheel brush prior to rinsing.
Do not use any wheel cleaner in the direct sun or on a hot wheel. The only wheel cleaner recommended by Germany's top sports and luxury car manufacturers. The standard P21S spray head will fit the 500ml bottle. Recommended for normal accumulations of brake dust.

Kit comprises sprayer and tyre cleaning sponge in presentation box.


R222 Gel Special Performance Wheel CleanerR222 Gel Special Performance Wheel Cleaner - 1 litre Refill, 500ml Pump Spray Kit
Extra thick consistency alternative to the standard R222 Wheel Cleaner for heavily soiled or neglected wheels of all types.
So it's perfect for highly polished or delicate alloys and wire wheels, including split rims, and as its thick gel clings to the wheel face and works for longer than milder and thinner wheel cleaners, it is very effective.

Kit comprises sprayer and tyre cleaning sponge in presentation box.

Refill bottle supplied without sprayer, available separately.

P21S Remote Spray HoseP21S Remote Spray Hose

P21S Trigger Spray

Use with the P21S/R222 refills. White & blue original P21S product