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Blackfire Car Care

Blackfire Winter Sale discount prices - when they're gone, they're gone

Blackfire, made in the USA, is one of the hottest new clever chemistry-based detailing ranges on the market right now. Development started in 2004, the first wax products which came out 2 years later were based on Carnauba and synthetic paint sealants to combine the original revolutionary new crystal super-polymer developed by Wacker-Chemie in Germany with Polycharger technology. Polycharger is a chemical additive that actively bonds protective polymers together during the curing process to create a polymer barrier with greatly enhanced durability.
Morethanpolish offer the core products at market-leading prices and some useful kits with accessories which give cost savings. All Blackfire products listed are offered at substantially diuscounted prices. Buy now while stocks last.


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BlackFire Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner (473ml)

  • Dilutes 433:1 - makes approximately 20-25 washes (10L bucket), so lasts most users half a year
  • pH neutral (7)
  • Wax safe - will not strip wax or sealants
  • Adds gloss with every wash
  • Sheets well so aids drying
  • BF-Wash-473 £12.99 (was £18.45)
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Blackfire Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner comprises an advanced foaming formula (TUFF SUDS II) that suspends natural oils and acrylic super-polymers within the walls of long-lasting suds.
While gentle, pH-balanced, environmentally-friendly cleansing agents emulsify and suspend road grime, these oils and acrylic super-polymers encapsulate individual particles of dirt, providing a high degree of lubricity that helps to reduce the risk of inflicting surface marring and fine scratches when washing.
The high lubricity of the formula also improves sheeting when rinsing off, making drying quicker and easier than ever before. Blackfire Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner is safe for all exterior surfaces and will not strip away existing wax or sealant protection.

Preparation & polishing

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish

  • Non-abrasive pre-wax cleaner
  • Contains fine fillers to reduce appearance of swirls
  • 473ml
  • BF-GEP £14.99 (was £19.45)
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Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish is a non-abrasive combined chemical polish and glaze that does away with the need for separate final polishing and glazing steps. It is designed to mask minor paint defects (such as wash marring and fine swirl marks) and dramatically enhance gloss in order to create the illusion that paint is dripping wet ahead of an application of sealant or wax protection.
During the application process, advanced chemical cleaning agents strip away any residual grime and old layers of sealant or wax protection, while kaolin clay particles and glazing oils visually reduce the extent of wash marring and minor swirl marks by filling such defects and robbing sunlight of sharp edges off of which to reflect.

Waxing & Protection

Blackfire Black Ice Sealant waxBlackfire Black Ice Sealant wax

  • Elegantly presented hi-tech sealant wax hybrid
  • Contains Montan wax
  • Large 7.4oz jar
  • Includes wax applicator
  • Darkens black and other dark coloured paint
  • BF-BlackICE £98.00 [Add To Basket]

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax imparts a level of gloss worthy of a show-car and a level of paint-protection required for a daily driver. BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax will provide up to 5 months of paint protection on vehicles that have been properly clayed and polished first.

Blackfire Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax

Synthetic and carnauba-wax paste for physical and UV protection for all paints

  • Especially glossy result, with good reflectivity, flake pop and colour richness
  • Good beading characteristics
  • Best on dark metallic and pearlescent paints of all marques
  • BF-Midnight £44.95 (was £54.95)
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A fortified formula with additional oil and wax content that extends durability to the three month mark from a single application. This current version of the formula produces a laser-sharp, shimmering wet look rippling with energy and vibrancy, and is fully compatible with finishes protected with Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection.

Blackfire Midnight Sun Mini Wax (3oz)

Blackfire Midnight Sun Paste Wax is the final result of a five year quest by the manufacturers of Blackfire to develop a high quality carnauba wax capable of bonding properly to finishes protected with Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection.

  • FREE Wax applicator
  • Synthetic and carnauba-wax paste for physical and UV protection for all paints
  • Especially glossy result, good reflectivity, flake pop and colour richness
  • Good beading
  • Best on dark metallic and pearlescent paints of all marques
  • Mini 3 oz jar, good for approx. 15 coats
  • £25.95
  • [Add To BasketSOLD OUT

Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection

  • Synthetic paint sealant
  • Provides physical and UV protection
  • Highly reflective result
  • Durable for up to 4 months
  • Best for mid-spectrum metallic and pearlescent paints on all marques
  • Apply by hand or DA (not rotary)
  • 473ml
  • BF-AFPP £29.95
  • [Add To BasketSOLD OUT

Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection is a synthetic paint sealant that combines a revolutionary new crystal super-polymer developed by Wacker-Chemie in Germany with Polycharger technology (Polycharger is a chemical additive that actively bonds protective polymers together during the curing process to create a polymer barrier with greatly enhanced durability).
This new crystal super-polymer has a unique structure that refracts light in a similar way to a diamond and produces a finish with a level of liquidity very close to that given by a high quality natural carnauba wax.
The unique oil in water emulsion is safe for all painted surfaces and can be layered many times without any fear of causing hazing or discoloration. Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection wipes on and off very easily, offers a high level of protection and water repellency, and typically gives up to four months of protection on a daily driven vehicle following just one application.

Blackfire Wet Diamond Polymer Spray Sealant (473ml)

  • Easy to hold trigger spray Quick Detailer
  • Sealant-based technology from Germany
  • Add physical and UV protection
  • Lengthens sealant/wax life
  • Wax safe
  • 473ml
  • BF-DGSS £14.95 (was £20.95)

Blackfire Deep Gloss Spray Sealant is a Quick Detailing spray that contains the same crystal super-polymer and Polycharger technology that is used in Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection and Blackfire Midnight Sun Paste Wax.
This means it can successfully bond to finishes protected with either of these products.
Blackfire Deep Gloss Spray Sealant can be used repeatedly to enhance gloss and extend protection without any fear of causing hazing or streaking. In fact, regular use is recommended, as it will greatly enhance surface slickness, making washing and drying even easier and prolonging the life of underlying protective layers indefinitely.

Wheels & Tyres

Blackfire Total Eclipse Wheel & Tyre Cleaner

  • Water-based thick tyre/wheel cleaner
  • Safe on all wheel types inc. highly polished
  • Light cleaning action
  • ph of 9
  • 473ml
  • BF-TClean £12.95 (was £15.95)
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Blackfire Gel Wheel & Tyre Cleaner is a water-based wheel and tyre cleaner that contains no acids, petroleum-based solvents, butyls or butyl ethers of any kind.
Instead, it relies on cutting-edge non-ionic surfactant technology to gently break down and loosen tough deposits of brake dust and road grime. Blackfire Gel Wheel & Tyre Cleaner quickly and safely cleans tyres and all types of wheels, including billet aluminium, chrome plated, polished, anodised, painted and clearcoated rims.
Unlike many of the more aggressive wheel cleaners available on the market today, Blackfire Gel Wheel & Tyre Cleaner can be used repeatedly without any danger of causing etching or flaking, making it ideal for incorporating into your regular wash routine.
While the thick consistency of this product allows it to cling to surfaces and effectively loosen brake dust and road grime, it also rinses freely and easily to leave tyres and rims streak and spot free.

Blackfire Total Eclipse Tyre Gel

  • Water-based hi-tech tyre dressing
  • Adds UV protection, helps prevent fading
  • Satin finish
  • Durable through many washes
  • 473ml
  • BF-TGel £17.95 SOLD OUT
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Blackfire Long Lasting Tyre Gel is a thick water-based gel engineered from a new group of super-polymers that have been fortified with Polycharger technology. It contains no butyls, alcohols or petroleum distillates of any kind, meaning that it will not degrade your tyres in any way, even when used on a regular basis. The viscosity of the gel enables precise application and minimises the risk of sling being thrown onto adjacent body panels. Treated tyres will retain a rich satin black finish that will last wash after wash for many weeks at a time.


Advanced Pad Conditioner                £13.95       Add To Basket  SOLD OUT

BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner makes machine detailing easier by reducing friction between the pad and the paint. Products glide on more smoothly and the paint is protected from dry buffing. BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner reduces skipping or sticking of the pad. 

Dry buffing is what happens when a pad hasn't been primed. There is no lubrication between the pad and the paint to reduce friction. Even though there is polish on the pad, it takes several passes for the polish to completely cover the pad. In the meantime, you're dry buffing the paint! The result is fine scratches.
BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner prevents dry buffing by moistening the pad face (priming the pad). It acts as a lubricant to eliminate the friction between the pad and the paint. In addition, BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner opens up the foam's pores to accept the polish so it disperses evenly over the pad face. 
BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner will not interfere with the performance of any polish, car wax, or sealant. It will not react with any solvents or chemical cleaners found in any polish, and it will not dilute products if used as directed. Just like any lubricant, BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner will gradually diminish as you polish.
BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner is designed to prime all foam and wool pads. Before any other product touches your buffing pad, use BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner first. Size: 20 oz. (591ml)

All in One APC                                £13.95       Add To Basket

Scratch Resistant Clearcoat Compound  £22.95 (was £27.95)       Add To Basket

The Blackfire SRC formula offers the do-it-yourself or enthusiast detailer a number of advantages:

- It will restore gloss and remove minor defects in nano, ceramic particle clear coats.
- It will restore gloss and remove minor defects in the new scratch-resistant clear coats.
- It can be applied by hand, dual action polisher or circular polisher. (Machine application is required for maximum defect removal in ceramic particle clear coats.)
BLACKFIRE Scratch Resistant Clear Finishing Polish will remove any existing wax or sealant and burnish the finish to a mirror-like shine. Applied by machine, it will remove 2500 grit swirls, spots, and scratches without hazing the finish. The perfect product to refine the paint after compounding or as a one-step shine enhancing polish. 

Total Polish Sealant        £14.95        (was £18.95)       Add To Basket

BLACKFIRE Total Polish & Seal is a light swirl remover, pre-wax cleanser and paint sealant all in one! A lot of one-step cleaner waxes clean the paint, but few have the ability to remove mild swirls. BLACKFIRE Total Polish and Seal can! Mild polishing agents remove fine swirls and minimise the appearance of imperfections. Cleaners remove wax buildup and surface contamination. At the same time, the unique Wet Diamond tri-polymer system cross-links across the paint to form a barrier against UV rays, moisture, and dirt. 

BLACKFIRE Total Polish and Seal is an all-in-one polish and paint sealant that delivers a smooth shine in one quick step. This is a timesaver that will save your paint finish. A combination of cleaners, polishing agents, and high gloss Wet Diamond polymers gives any paint finish instant shine and lasting protection.

 Wet Diamond Polymer Sealant     £19.95      SOLD OUT

Advanced polymer film technology outlasts other spray sealants and protects paint from dirt, oil, UV rays, and moisture

A mere 30ml can protect up to 6 vehicles, there is 20 times more than that in this bottle, so its very economical. It is very easy to apply with no buffing required and dries crystal clear and streak-free. Additionally, its pure - it contains no fillers or cleaners, and is safe on all types of paint. Volume: 591ml (20oz)

Blackfire Crystal Seal £19.99 (was £29.95)   Add To Basket

Blackfire Crystal Seal is a paint sealant coating that offers incredible protection and longevity for all paint finishes, plastics, glass, and metals. Just a few drops of this clear liquid produces a tough barrier over the surfaces of your car that resists contamination, moisture and UV rays. 

The protective properties within Blackfire Crystal Seal are like a sealant but better. As soon as Crystal Seal touches the paint, it begins cross-linking to armour your vehicle. This micro-thin coating locks out the elements to keep the surfaces of your car looking like new. 
Blackfire Crystal Seal is a paint sealant in its truest form. No cleaners. No fillers. No wax. It is purely engineered to provide unbeatable surface protection. 
Application is simple. Spray on Blackfire Crystal Seal and wipe it over the surface in a very, very thin coat. That's all. The coating dries without any chalk or residue. There is no need to buff. If you wish, you can apply a wax over Crystal Seal but it is not necessary. Blackfire Crystal Seal provides outstanding protection and durability on its own.
And one bottle can coat 80 vehicles.

Blackfire Kits

Blackfire Midnight Sun Kit

Preparation, wax and ongoing protection for your vehicle, including applicators and premium quality microfiber cloth.

  • 1 x Blackfire Midnight Sun Wax
  • 1 x Deep Gloss Spray Sealant
  • 1 x Gloss Enhancing Polish
  • 2 x Free Applicators
  • 1 x Free Race Glaze Signature M/F Buffing Towel
  • BF-Sun-Kit £94.95
  • [Add To Basket]

See individual products for detailed descriptions. Total product value £104 – save £9

Blackfire Maintenance Kit

Kit contains one each of 473ml bottles of the most popular Blackfire products, Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner and All Finish Paint Protection, for paint protection of up to 4 months. Product value separately £47.90