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Covers for indoor & outdoor protection of your Porsche

Wherever you keep your Porsche you need to protect it from knocks, scrapes, dust, damp, birds and the elements. If you've invested time and money in making your car look its best, you want it to stay that way. We supply standard fit or custom covers to suit every model, from 911 of all generations to Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, and classics like the 944, 968, 912, 914 and 356.

Porsche 911 (964) covers: Custom indoor cover, Standard indoor cover, Breatheable outdoor cover (front to back)

We have Indoor covers (Soft Stretch and Poly-cotton), Breatheable outdoor covers (3-layer and 4-layer fleece lined Protector4) and 100% waterproof Custom made Flurocoated outdoor covers. Our Waterproof & Breathable standard fit covers are a good all round cover. All have a 12 month warranty.

If you would like to discuss the options, please contact our Managing Director, Mark Wibberley. He is long term Porsche owner (944S2, 964, 944Turbo), using a Fluorocoated 100% waterproof cover and protector4 at present. He will be delighted to assist.

A new product line is custom made soft, fleecy lined fabric zip bags for your 944 and 968 sunroof. These will fold up into the glove box easily. Available in red and black. Price: £69.99

Porsche 944 Sunroof Bag - red

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Porsche 944 Sunroof Bag - black

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Standard and  Semi-Custom Porsche Soft indoor covers

                   Custom breathable indoor peachskin covers on Porsche Cayman (left) and Porsche Boxster (right).

Note: pattern now upgraded with mirror pockets.

Standard and Semi-Custom Porsche Soft indoor covers

Indoor covers protect the car whilst in your garage against knocks, scrapes, dust and minor accidents. We have 4 options:

a) Standard fit poly-cotton covers come in powder blue, with a protected zip to allow for vehicular access without cover removal. They are 'car shaped' and designed for any car of this similar shape. Each end is elasticated so the car cover won’t slip off. Around £100.

b) Soft Stretch indoor covers are very flattering to the curves of a Porsche and are available in red, black, navy blue and silver/grey from £99. They are very soft inside, machine washable and dust proof. They will flatter the shape of your Porsche. Without mirror pockets, and supplied in a carry bag.

For Soft Stretch Covers please see the separate database on our Soft Stretch Covers page

       Soft stretch cover on Porsche 911 (997) and Porsche Boxster (right).                           

c) EXCLUSIVE TO US Custom Peachskin Porsche car covers - individually measured and made to suit specific models such as Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, older 911 and more modern  ones such as 993, 996, 997, 991, and 944/968. A closer fit than Poly-Cotton covers, available in colours such as black, red, speed yellow, grey, dark green, navy blue and royal blue, with more on request. With mirror and fixed spoiler pockets for a closer fit. The soft Peachskin fabric is breathable and water resistant for occasional outdoor use, and is particularly recommended for convertibles as there is no fluff to be deposited on the hood. Made in the UK in about a week. Around £150.Standard and  Semi-Custom Porsche Soft indoor covers

To select your model and colour,please use the database at

the top of this page

Custom breathable peachskin cover on Porsche 997



d) Custom Made indoor Porsche covers are made of a thick cotton acrylic with a soft fleece lining in any colour. They are fully Breatheable, and Scotchguard treatment protects the car and cover against drips of water. With mirror/spoiler pockets. The best cover for physical protection against knocks. Individually hand made to order for each car, choose matching or contrasting piping. £299.

Custom colours available: Silver, royal blue, black, navy blue, purple, stone, British Racing green, white, lime green, sky blue, burgundy, red, old gold, orange, grey and yellow - you can indicate colour choice at checkout.

To select your model and colour,please use the database at the top of this page

Custom CoversLogos - All of our covers can be provided with a logo for £30 extra.

Custom cover for Porsche 911 (996) shown right

Model Porsche Soft Indoor Covers (std fit) Code Price Order
911, 924, 944, 968, Boxster, Cayman SIC-B £100.00 Add To
928, Carrera GT SIC-C £102.00 Add To
Any model (custom fit) SIC-X £299.00 Add To

For Soft Stretch Covers please see the separate database on our Soft Stretch Covers page


Breatheable Outdoor Covers - 3 Layer and 4 Layer fleece-lined (Protector4)

Ideal for cars in every day use as they can be put on a wet car. The Breatheable fabric, which comprises 3 layers of Goretex-type material bonded together, with an additional fleecy lining layer on the Protector4 covers, allows moisture to escape, and they are typically 95% waterproof. They are hand made, with double-stitched seams with a thick nylon webbing underbody strap and rucksack-type clip to secure the cover down.

The soft fabric naturally resists rot and mildew and relfects UV, and they are guaranteed for 12 months. They come in a bag so you can pack them easily and store when not in use or travelling. Logo not advisable. Unlike cheap covers with a silvered coating, these do not deteriorate in hot climates. Available in light grey only.

Your choice is between the 3 layer LSR code or 4 layer Fleece-lined protector4 covers. The material is otherwise the same, a tough mid-grey Breatheable fabric.

Model Porsche Breatheable Outdoor Cover Code Price Order
911 to 996, 924, 944, 968, Boxster LSR-B £105 Add To
Cayman, 911 (997, 991, GT2/3) LSR-C £107 Add To
928, Carrera GT LSR-D £110 Add To
3.2 Carrera, 964, 993 Prot4-M £115 Add To

Waterproof & Outdoor Porsche Covers - Standard fit

Our versatile, stretchy wetsuit-type fabric, 100% waterproof grey Waterproof and breathable car covers are ideal for cars left outside for long periods, or stored overwinter. The cover can be applied wet or dry so they are ideal for daily driven cars. These excellent quality covers can also be used indoors. These covers are generic so fit many models due to their stretchy characteristics. Fully breathable.

They attach with strong elastic front and rear, and an underbody adjustable clip in strap. Guaranteed for twelve months, supplied with a storage bag and an optional cable lock. Logo is not available on these as the stitching lets water in!

Model Porsche Waterproof & Breathable car Cover Code Price Order
911, 944, 968, Boxster, Cayman WB-M £185.00 Add To
928, Carrera GT WB-L £195.00 Add To

Porsche Semi-Custom Waterproof covers

                 Custom 100% waterproof outdoor covers - shown on Porsche Cayenne 2011 model

Porsche Custom 100% Waterproof  ('Flurocoated') covers

Our own exclusive UK made, often from stock Porsche car covers, made from a heavy duty cotton drill coated with a remarkable fluorocoating which actively repells water as silver beads. Its amazing to watch and has been proven in monsoon countries around the world.

All our custom made waterproof Porsche covers now have mirror pockets.

These totally waterproof covers are fitted with strong elastic from the wheel centres all round the front and rear to secure them in high winds. Each high quality hand made Porsche cover also has two 1inch thick nylon underbody webbing straps which clip in about a foot off the ground so you don't have to scrabble around to unlock them. This keeps them on the car.

Seams are double stitched and very very durable - we use the same fabric and methods on exposed statues up to 20 feet high. 12 month warranty.

Prices from £295.00

Colour options: Black, Red, Navy Blue, Dark Green.

To select your model and colour,please use the database at the top of this page