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What our customers say

Race Glaze

What users say about Raceglaze

Crem Perfection is superb on both my 1932 Austin Ten (original paint) and 1947 Jaguar Mk V. After 20+ years on Myrr, I'm totally converted by the deep shine and ease of use - this is superb stuff. I recommend it.

Ron Champion - Designer of the Locost sports car, Lecturer in Automotive Engineering & author of several titles for Haynes Publishing including the best seller 'Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as £250'

Very, very impressed with the whole selection of Race Glaze products. I used the wash wax to start, dried off the car, then Clay Glazed the car and polished with the Crem Perfection polish. Getting the tree sap and tar off was also surprisingly easy - I also did the glass and chrome after and the car looks brand new.

Mr LH of Devon , Seat Ibiza Cupra 20VT (2002), Ovni Yellow

i would just like to say how great your products are. i purchased some alloy wheel cleaner at a car show i went to, used it today, and it is absolutley fantastic. When i have used it all i will be purchasing some more along with some other products of yours. Your stuff is absolutely fantastic many thanx

Richard Mullard

Tried your polish on a couple of scratches on my much loved MGF – it really worked ! I also bought a leather from you..great products.

Tony Harrison, Merseyside, MGF

The shampoo is brilliant, polish is better than anything I’ve ever used including Myrr and Autoglym – the difference is amazing. Never had anything so easy and effective before for alloy wheels – they look brand new.

Mr W Dickens, Lincs. Maxda MX-5 (1994) Laguna Blue

The stuff is superb !

Mr IM, Sierra RS Cosworth

What a fantastic polish, I am fanatical about the appearance of my metallic black X-Type Jaguar 3.0 Sport and would honestly use nothing else now. Raceglaze Crem Perfection gives not only a deep lustre to the paintwork but protection so good that insects and moths simply wipe off! Add this to the benefit of no unsightly white residue, what a winner, thanks very much.

Mr JW, Chester, Jaguar X-Type, metallic Black

I bought this product and it’s excellent - far better than Halfords own brand.

Anna T. Glasgow, Seat Ibiza 1.4 SE

Highly impressed with your 'Clearmist Detailer' - undoubtedly the best valeting product I have ever used. Extremely easy to use, very economical and the resulting finish is second to none on my concours winning black Ford XR2. Believe me when I say I am very difficult to please when it comes to car care products, and I have tried almost everything.

Mr MJ, black Ford XR2


What users say about Hindsight

Hindsight lives up to all its claims.'

Ms.J.Hudson - Lotus Elan owner

‘..a brilliant product. The result was almost unbelievable. Ten years of grime just disappeared and the window had virtually the same clarity as when brand new.'

Mr.N.P. - Peugeot 205 owner.

'I followed the directions to the letter and the results have been absolutely amazing - total clarity.'

Mr.D.Stewart - Porsche Boxster owner.

Here are two shots of the results. As you will see it has made quite a difference, although the traces of the worst marks are still just visible. The important thing is that ‘the boss is happy’.

Patrick D'Arcy - StreetKa owner

'I have to admit I was sceptical about ordering what appeared to be a miracle cure for plastic rear windows; but the local BMW dealership in High Wycombe had quoted me a cost of several hundred pounds to replace the rear screen on my E36 M3 Evo Convertible. The solutions were simple to apply and to my absolute amazement produced a result within 15 minutes that left me with a 'brand new rear screen'!
Not only has Hindsight saved me a great deal of money; but it has proved to be a true exception to the rule - a product out of the blue that any potential customer can order with total confidence in his/her investment.'

Mr.S.Hindmarsh - BMW M3 owner.

I would like to say how delighted and completely satisfied that I am with the results of using Hindsight on the rear windscreen of my 6 year old Mercedes SL320. I had been resigned to the possibility of having to replace the rear screen at huge expense but can honestly say that it has come up almost as good as new and has removed the annoying "bar" effect that this type of hood gets over time.'

Mr.G.Carnie - Mercedes owner.

I have just finished treating my 190 SL. AMAZING ! Your product is superb! I must confess, I was a little sceptical initially, but 45 minutes later I'm a fan.'

Eddie Parfett, Knysna , South Africa

‘It works as claimed. The difference is quite remarkable with all traces of milkiness gone.'

Mr.R.N. - Mercedes owner.