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Established in 2003, driven by advice for owners of classic, modern, modest and supercars. Phone us for our recommendations

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Fine Luxury Goods

We have long known the century-old craftsman-led company Anthony Holt & Sons Ltd, a manufacturer and supplier of bespoke luxury goods with a family history of trading since 1915. Originally established as a manufacturing gold and silversmiths, Anthony Holt diversified from a purely precious metals business into the broader space of interior home furnishings.

Morethanpolish Ltd are partnering with the company to produce stunning bespoke luxury products, from totally original one-offs or along the lines of examples shown here. They will be the envy of your friends and make fabulous gifts.

At Anthony Holt we pride ourselves in having perfected the skills and techniques to ensure that our customers always enjoy the finest quality products.

Please contact Gil Holt, Managing Director, to discuss your order personally on 0845 094 0460, with reference to Morethanpolish, for first class service.

Products can be grouped into the following areas. Anything that you would like to be made, in any material, can be produced to your personal specification. These are examples, which can be replicated or modified to your taste.



All mounted onto a black polyester plinth with a silver hallmarked plate for engraving.

  • Ferrari 250 GT0 1:18 scale £7,500
  • Ferrari 250 SWB 1:18 scale £8,500
  • Ferrari 550 Maranello 1:18 scale £8,000
  • Ferrari 275GTS 1:18 scale (4MB) fully detailed opening doors, boot and bonnet, rhodium plated (from the platinum metals group) £72,500
Ferrari 250 GTO (1:18) Ferrari 250 SWB (1:18) Ferrari 550 Maranello (1:18) Ferrari 275 (1:18)
Aston Martin
  • Silver Aston Martin 1:24 scale DB5 £4,500
  • Silver Aston Martin 1:24 scale Vanquish £4,000
  • Silver Aston Martin 1:18 scale DB5 fully detailed opening doors, boot and bonnet, rhodium plated (from the platinum metals group) £72,500
  • Silver Aston Martin 1:18 scale Vanquish fully detailed opening doors, boot and bonnet, rhodium plated (from the platinum metals group) £64,500
  • Silver Aston Martin 1:18 scale DB2 Mark III drop head fully detailed opening doors, boot and bonnet, rhodium plated (from the platinum metals group) £64,500
  • Silver Aston Martin 1:18 scale DB2 Mark III coupe £8,000
  • Silver Aston Martin 1:18 scale DBR2 fully detailed opening doors and bonnet, rhodium plated (from the platinum metals group), £72,500
Silver DB5 (1:24) Silver Vanquish (1:24) Silver DB5 (1:18) Silver Vanquish (1:18)
Silver DB2 Drop Head (1:18) Silver DB2 Coupe (1:18) Silver DBR2 (1:18)
  • Bombardier 604 silver plane 15” long £8,450.00 We produce Bombardier XRS, 6000,7000,8000, Embraer 650 and Boeing 777
Bombardier 604
  • 85 meter Ocean Co motorized sailing boat in sterling silver 12” in length mounted onto a walnut plinth with silver plate for engraving and Perspex cover £32,500. We can produce any bespoke boat.
Ocean Co Yacht
Sporting figures
  • Silver Polo Player 15” in height, £2,850.00
Silver Polo Player
  • Silver King Charles Spaniel by 4” high, £200
  • Silver Corgi 4” high by 4½”  long, £200
  • Silver Irish Wolf Hound 6½”  high by 7” long, £400
  • Silver standing Labrador 8½” high by 10” long, £995
  • Silver sitting Labrador 8” high, £765
  • Silver sitting Retriever 9” high, £1150
  • Silver standing Westie 3½” high by 3½“ long, £160
  • Silver Teddy Bear 4” high, £230
  • Silver Tiger 4” high by 9” long, £475
  • Silver Pheasant 4½“ high by 6½“ long, £350
  • Silver Bull Nose Elephant 14” high by 20” long, £3,500
  • Silver Elephant 6” high by 9½” long, £765
King Charles Spaniel Corgi Irish Wolf Hound Standing Labrador
Sitting Labrador Sitting Retriever Standing Westie Teddy Bear
Tiger Pheasant Bull Nose Elephant 14" Elephant 6"
Jewellery and Valet Boxes, Cuff Links and Key Fobs
  • Ferrari Valet box sterling silver F40 silhouette inlaid and lacquered lined in black velvet for watches and jewellery £1500.00
  • Walnut valet box with metal inlaid silhouette of boat car plane house and lacquered lined in black velvet for watches and jewellery £1,250.00
  • Butterfly box: made to order  325mm long by 235mm deep by 175mm high: £12,850
  • Aston Martin leather wing key fob in base metal £38.50
  • Aston Martin DB9 Cufflinks in sterling with swivel fittings rhodium plated. We can produce clients individual cars min quantity 10 pairs £145.00
Ferrari Valet box Walnut valet box Butterfly Box Aston Martin Key Fob
Aston Martin DB9 Cufflinks
Gaming Pieces
  • Professional Backgammon set £2,350.00
  • Monopoly set contemporary bespoke to order £995
  • Monopoly table with silver pieces starting from £10,000
Backgammon set Monopoly set Monopoly table
Paintings, Armorial bearings
  • Ferrari ENZO painting A1 size hand painted of your car £1,650.00
  • Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato painting A1 size hand painted of your car £1,650.00
  • 3D Coat of arms in sterling silver enamelled from £13,000
Ferrari ENZO Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato 3D Coat of Arms
  • Silver Chandelier. 4 feet diameter and 4 feet high: £315,000 or POA
  • Jardinières 8” diameter silver gold plated with glass lining: £10,000
  • Jardinières 14” diameter silver gold plated with glass lining: £13,500
  • Dining room table, 18 foot long starting from £18,000
  • Partners desk, starting from £18,000, as per image £54,000
  • Ships decanter with  sterling silver mount and polyester lacquered mahogany plinth, £850
Silver Chandelier Jardinières Dining room table Partners desk
Ships decanter

Any pricing or quotation information should be considered exclusive of VAT and valid for 30 days.

Orders placed over £1,000 require a 20% deposit, orders over £10,000 require a 30% deposit.  Work completed and awaiting further instruction, such as engraving or personalisation, will require a balance payment within 30 days of notice to the client.  All orders are subject to the full Anthony Holt & Sons Ltd full terms and conditions.