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Kenotek Car Care Valeting Products

A big brand on the Continent on Europe but until now, not well known in the UK. Kenotek products are made to exacting stands in their own Belgian factory in Ypres and are approved by VDA, the German vehicle manufacturers federation. Each product is also REACH compliant, having been tested by DEKRA. Word is spreading and the products are very good in our view - well worth a try as they are a) safe, b) effective, c) excellent value d) well packaged.

Kenolon Ceramic Shield – Professional coating, professionally applied

New from Kenotek, having been under development and testing since 2010, is it’s SiO2 Ceramic Coating Kit, Ceramic Shield. Now available in the UK

Key features:

  • A super tough, durable coating of glass bonded to your paintwork for unbeatable protection and a liquid glass shine. Hardens to 9H inside a week.
  • Professional application only by our Approved Detailers, ensuring every application is perfect
  • Safe and non-toxic in use. Complies with all EU chemical safety guidelines – doesn’t need a mask when applied, unlike some other products. REACH compliant.
  • Free of artificial aroma, and is UV and corrosion resistant.
  • Incredibly hydrophobic, keeping your car clean for longer.
  • Improves gloss, intensifies and deepens colour on all paintwork.
  • The Ceramic Shield coating can be applied at a temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. This flexibility makes it ideal for use in a wide range of climates, including the UK.


More information from the manufacturers in Belgium.

 Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 is a premium coating on a SiO2 base.

It is designed to meet the highest requirements in the professional detailing world. Due to its unique composition it will make the paintwork more scratch resistant and much easier to maintain. It is extremely resistant to all kinds of weather and many chemicals.


Where traditional waxes and sealants are relatively easily affected by strong alkaline cleaners and mechanical friction, Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 maintains optimal presence for months. It will harden up the paint to a maximum of 9 H.

The complex and hard structure ensures that potential scratches and sweeps on the bodywork reduce. With proper care, this coating can easily give 3 years of protection.

Kenolon Ceramic Shield coating is one of the fastest or maybe the fastest on the market.

9H can be reached with one layer. It stays on the car for 2-3years, between 30,000 and 50 000 miles. We recommend Kenotek PRO Brilliant Wash and Showroom Shine to acheive this..

How do we know that the coating is still on the car ? Wash the car and then use the Pre-coat. If you still see beading, the coating is still there.


Authorised Detailers for Kenolon Ceramic Shield Application

As this product is only available for application by selected and trained professional details. These are current specialists who can protect your car. Their location is provided, though they will travel.

Richard Tipper, Perfection Detailing, London  Tel: 07860 336825

Rob Rich, Bristol Auto Detailing, Bristol    Tel: 07813 972328

Dean Byrne, Hi-Shine, Kent                     Tel: 07837 069826

For all other areas, please contact us at Morethanpolish.


Professional detailers:

To join our team of Authorised Detailers, please contact us

Case Study.

Kenolon Ceramic Shield was applied to the paintwork and decals of the 2016 ProDrive Time Attack Impreza which has been highly modified to take the record for the fastest time by a car around the Isle of Man TT course in summer 2016. The super slick coating may just provide those extra few seconds which give it the record.

Note how it goes onto decals effortlessly.


Kenotek Wheel Cleaner (1 litre)Kenotek Wheel Cleaner (1 litre)

A totally safe wheel cleaner for all types of wheels - alloys, steels, wire wheels etc.

Removes black brake dust deposits and road grime from all rims. Strong in effectiveness but also safe to use.

Strong 1 litre bottle with efficient spray cap and safety lock, professional grade product at sensible prices. Excellent value too.



Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra (1 litre)Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra

This is the great value and highly effective Kenotek iron active wheel cleaner - an evolution of the type of product that turns purple as its attacks bonded on metallic particles on wheels and bodywork.

It is based upon Kenoteks highly effective pH neutral wheel cleaner, so is safe on most wheels and highly effective as a wheel cleaner alone. Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra can also be used as a fall-out remover on vehicle bodywork and other surfaces. Unlike most products which have a strong rotten egg smell, this is much more pleasant, with a pineapple aroma.

Always test on a small surface to test material suitability.

REACH compliant, tested by DEKRA in Germany and approved by German car manufacturers.

  • Contents: 1 litre, robust lockable trigger spray bottle.
  • Price: £14.99
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Kenotek Anti Insect Cleaner (1 litre)Kenotek Anti Insect Cleaner


Kenotek Anti-Insect swiftly and effortlessly removes even dried on residues of insects from car bodywork and windscreens.

Sun-baked bugs are notoriously difficult to remove so this is a very welcome product for every car valeters arsenal. Its formula is specifically designed to break down proteins and contains NO caustic soda so if safe on paintwork.

Very easy to use - simply spray onto the bug splattered area, leave to work for a minute or two and wash or hose off.

Large 1 litre bottle with strong trigger spray and locking mechanism. This product is security sealed for delivery.



Kenotek Brilliant Wash (1 litre)Kenotek Brilliant Wash

A high quality and great value car and vehicle shampoo concentrate.

You only need 2 capfulls in a bucket of water, so this 1 litre bottle will make around 1000 litre of wash solution - around 25 washes.

Kenotek Brilliant Wash has gloss enhancers for a great shine and is also self drying, which saves time on your weekly wash.

It has a refreshing grapefuit aroma and is soft and safe on hands and all paintwork types, modern or classic.

  • Directions: Soft for hands, nice grapefruit fragance.
  • Price: £9.99
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Kenotek Polish & WaxKenotek Polish & Wax

The Kenotek product for the largest area of any car, van, motorhome, caravan or other vehicle - bodywork. So it has to be easy to be a successful product - and it certainly is that.

Kenotek polish and wax removes contaminants and small scratches from paintwork. It then buffs to provide unequalled gloss and high-end protection. Can be applied manually or with a polishing machine - it works with a simple wipe on, buff off method.



Kenotek Showroom ShineKenotek Showroom Shine

Kenotek Showroom Shine is a superbly easy to use quick refinishing polish or Quick Detailer suitable for all paint types.

Showroom Shine revitalises bodywork and gives a deep gloss, removing fingerprints and dust.

So simple to use - spray the polish on the car, dry off with a microfibre cloth and buff effortlessly to a bright shine.

Suitable for all car surfaces, with useful Anti-static properties.

  • Contents: 1 Litre in safety-catch enabled spray bottle
  • Price: £13.99
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Kenotek Glass Cleaner (1L)Kenotek Glass Cleaner

Kenotek Glass Cleaner is a highly efficient and tremendous value colourless liquid car and domestic glass window cleaner. It cleans without smearing: windows, mirrors, plastics and chrome. Suitable for interior or exterior use.

It also efficiently removes nicotine residues, smears and finger marks.

The big value 1 litre bottle is tactile and includes a robust spray head with safety lock.


Kenotek Interior CleanerKenotek Interior Cleaner

Kenotek Interior Cleaner is a safe, effective and economical interior valeting product with a myriad uses.

It thoroughly cleans upholstery, vinyl, plastics, headlinings, carpets and trim, without removing colour from fabrics, and removes stubborn stains.

Spray the product on the surfaces and let it react for some time. Work loose the dirt with a fluff-free cloth or brush. Dab dry with an absorbing towel.

  • Contents: 1 litre spray bottle. Clear liquid.
  • Price: £8.99
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Kenotek Leather & Vinyl ConditionerKenotek Leather Vinyl Conditioner

Kenotek Leather & Vinyl Conditioner renews an 'as new' feel to plastics and leather. Its thick yet sprayable formula smells exceptionally good and is pleasant to use.

Spray the product on the surfaces, and distribute evenly. Let it dry. To obtain a matt finish: rub the surfaces with a dry fluff-free cloth or paper.

Never use on steering wheel or pedals.