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Nano Sealant for lasting ProtectionNano Sealant

The most durable product Race Glaze make, with durability of up to 3 years, just like the products offered at £2-300 by new car dealerships, which you can easily apply safely at home in a couple of hours. Its really simple – after the car is washed, and any debris or scratches removed, gently massage the Primer in, buffing off after 5-10 minutes. This enables the Gloss TopCoat, which is applied in exactly the same way, to bond to paintwork. No hard rubbing or buffing required, a rich shine will appear instantly. Maintain your shine with our Cherry Sealant Shampoo or any moderately priced branded shampoo. The Kit at £29.95 will coat 2 normal sized cars. Other sizes available for dealers, valeters and businesses with fleets.

New – Nano Sealant Kits

Race Glaze Nano Kit

Home application kit for 1-2 cars, contains: Primer 50ml, Gloss TopCoat 50ml, 2 applicator pads, 2 Microfibre Cloths, full instructions

Race Glaze Nano Kit


Race Glaze Nano PrimerRace Glaze Nano Primer

Complex multi-link Nano technology blend of acrylic and PTFE compounds, no silicones, have been harnessed to produce a 2 part system which will produce an extremely long-lasting and tough protective layer on your vehicles paintwork - be that any type of paint on any base, including steel and fibreglass.

The correct preparation of the surface with this cream Primer will ensure you achieve the intended 2-3 years durability of the system. The Primer allows the powerful cross-links between the polymers in both products to bond strongly and ensure durability. Omitting this stage will severely reduce the life of the sealant. Application is very simple – wipe on, buff off by hand.

  • Essential preparation to produce a bonding layer between the paintwork and to allow polymers to cross-link to the Sealant
  • Gently cleanses the paintwork - non abrasive
  • Easy cream application
  • A little goes a long way - allow around 25-50ml per car
  • Detergent, salt and UV resistant
  • Race Glaze Nano Primer 250ml £14.99
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  • Race Glaze Nano Primer 500ml £25.00
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Race Glaze Top CoatRace Glaze Top Coat

Harnessing complex modern nano-technology Race Glaze bring you an incredibly durable and highly protective paint sealant system. It will make dirt adhesion very difficult, protect against bird mess and flies, chemical attack and therefore make washing very easy. This premium paint sealant is for all paints on cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes - any paint on any underlying surface.

Equivalent to the systems utilised by modern franchised car dealerships, the Race Glaze Nano Series Sealant TopCoat works hand in hand with its Primer, which is essential to ensure proper adhesion by cross linking the clever polymers within the product to the vehicle paintwork.

Note: this product leaves a molecular thin layer on paintwork, so will not fill in swirls or light scratches. It is therefore best applied to new, fresh paintwork on new cars or those which have been thoroughly machine polished to remove defects.

  • Multi-link Nano technology blend of acrylic and PTFE compounds, no siliconesRace Glaze Top Coat
  • Sophisticated premium sealant for all paint types inc GRP and Gelcote
  • Minimal preparation, minimal maintenance, easy to apply
  • High tech formula tested for 3 years
  • Dealership-level protection in 3-4 hours of your own time
  • Detergent, salt and UV resistant
  • Usage is around 50-80ml for an average sized car
  • This size is perfect for dealers and professional detailers
  • Race Glaze Top Coat 250ml £19.99
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  • Race Glaze Top Coat 500ml £34.99
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Race Glaze Nano WashRace Glaze Nano Wash

New, concentrated pH balanced shampoo which is designed to be perfect for maintaining your freshly Nano Series treated paintwork. Leaves a fine streak free gloss finish due to brighteners and gloss enhancers in the formula.

It also contains long chain nano polymers which actively bond with the sealant surface to preserve your finish.

Its formula is thick, so you will need only 1-2 capfuls even in hard water areas