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Race Glaze complete product listing

Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes
Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes
Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax
Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax
Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers
Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers
Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth
Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth
Nano Sealant for lasting Protection
Nano Sealant for lasting Protection
Race Glaze 9H Ceramic Coating
NEW  Race Glaze 9H Ceramic Coating

New products in stock

Red Label & Green Label Hybrid Ultrawaxes - see

IronPRO Deironiser and Wheel Cleaner - a brilliant wheel cleaner with the additional property of turning brake dust red as it dissolves. Incredibly effective yet pH neutral and safe on all wheels.

Iron-PRO 500ml, £10.99  Add to basket    

Iron-PRO 5 Litre, £69.00  Add to basket

Frost-o-Holic Concentrated De-Icer - no water de-icer, made from alcohol blends so won't re-freeze. 500ml.

RG91  £4.99 Add to basket

Signature Nano Wheel Sealant - superb hi-tech spray-on Nano and wax wheel coat lasts 3+ months protecting all wheels from brake dust pitting and easing washing. Super economical in use, great low price for this kind of product.

RG-SS-Nano-Wheel-Seal-250    £9.99 (250ml)  Add to basket

RG-SS-Nano-Wheel-Seal-500    £15 (500ml)     Add to basket

Signature AquaGlide AutoWash - super concentrated absolute premium car soap, a real alternative to top end imported brands.

RG-SS-AG-250  250ml £12, Add to basket

RGSS-AG-500   500ml £20  Add to basket

Signature Tar & Glue Remover - loved by AutoExpress, EVO, Octane - super effective solvents easily remove old decals and baked on tar, distinctive metal bottle keeps the power safe.

RG-SS-T&G 250ml £7.99  Add to basket

Signature Acid & Caustic Free Wheel Cleaner - safe for any expensive wheels, thick gel consistency stays in contact with brake dust to work it away, a great maintainance wheel cleaner for the most precious wheels

RG-SS-Wheel-Clean 500ml £13.95 Add to basket

NEW Black Microfibre Detailing Cloth - Deep pile, plush, satin edged microfibre polishing cloth, 60cm x 40cm size. Everything you could ever ask for from a top quality cloth.

RG32 Black Cloth £6.99 Add to basket

Nano Fabric Protector

Simple spray on clear fabric protector for interior surfaces such as Alcantara. Hi-tech nano wwater based spray repelas dirt and water, lasts for many months as bonds to the fabric substrate.

RG37 Nano Fabric Protector 250ml £9.99  Add to basket

All items listed are in stock in numbers for immediate despatch except Shampoo Wash Pad & Folding Bucket (discontinued).

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AA-RG-size24-brush Supersize Swiss-Style Detailing Brush 1 9.00
New super large detailing brush to enable you to get on with loads of detailing jobs in total safety and at greater speed. Please note: smaller brush shown for illustration purposes only and purchasable separately. Add to basket
AD1 Race Glaze Arizona Mini Duster 180mm 8.25
Dash duster and medium duster - treated with baked on wax to attract dust instead of just moving it around. Same unique features as larger one but for smaller vehicles. 7" long. Add to basket
AD3 Race Glaze Arizona Car Duster 355mm (14") 18.5
Fantastic product for dusting cars in showrroms, at shows or in garages. Special baked in wax on the fibres never needs retreating. The dirtier it gets the better it works. A must if you care about your car as it attracts the dirt. Large 14 inch head. Add to basket
RG18 Folding Bucket 9.99
Stout folding 10 litre bucket for shows, touring, picnics and chilling drinks ! Stands on its own when full, made of welded PVC with rigid rim and base, plus metal handle. We're always told how hard to find these are. Add to basket
RG20 Applicator Pads, Pack of 3 130mm 5
Completely washable and re-usable 5 inch 100% Cotton terry & foam pads. Ideal for applying polish and compounds - save wasting your polish. 3 pack. Add to basket
RG20 Applicator Pad 130mm 2
Completely washable and re-usable 5 inch 100% Cotton terry & inner foam pads. Ideal for applying polish and compounds - save wasting your polish. Add to basket
RG21 Professional Polishing Wadding - Pro-Wad 20 - 30 Sheets 7
A satin, ultra-soft non-woven gauze, made for polishing to a mirror finish. Non scratch - use either as a disposable, like professionals do, or wash time after time, reinstating its incredible softness. Around 20 sheets, each 1m+ square. Add to basket
RG25 Shampoo Wash Pad 200 x 140 x 70mm 4.99
100% microfibre fabric around a quality foam sponge. Ordinary sponges are the main culprit for causing scratches and swirl marks in your paintwork - this doesn't. Apparently identical to double the price Swiss product. Add to basket
RG30B Premium Peachskin Microfibre Cloth - Large (Blue) 5
Finest micro-weave microfibre for final finishing, superb on glass and metalwork. Smooth 'peachskin' finish, 50cm x 60cm. Machine wash. Add to basket
RG32 Bug Shifter and Chamois Mitt 1.99
A really useful combination mitt, ideal for removing baked on insects from windsceens and lights, and drying off with the other side afterwards, a handy addition to your garage. Great for touring and summer usage. SPECIAL OFFER Add to basket
RG33S Microfibre and Chamois Demister Pad - small 1.5
Everyone will find these neat and useful pads incredibly useful to keep in the car for drying condensation off. Also useful for cleaning or buffing up small areas of bodywork. Natural chamois and tufted microfibre on the reverse, which is very absorbent. Add to basket
RG34L Italian Chamois Leather - large 11
Superior, soft, Italian hand-produced oil tanned chamois of even weight and thickness, trimmed and without holes. The best quality professional chamois for absorbency, longevity and shine generated. Ideal for the serious enthusiast or professional valeter Add to basket
RG35-1 OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel each 5.00
Superbly absorbent 60cm x 60cm Microfibre drying towel is the best available for drying your car. Clever waffle weave prevents scratching, picks up immediately and holds a pint of water - gets better with use. Machine wash. Add to basket
RG35-2 OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel - 2 pack Pack of 2 10.00
Great value twin pack on special offer - normally 8.99 each. Add to basket
RG52 Mechanics Crawler Pad 18.99
Just like our Door Protector Pads, an incredibly useful big, thick lump-absorbing 28mm thick high-density foam pad to lie on when fixing your car. Simply, it prevents back ache as its really thick and padded, absorbing the effects of uneven surfaces. Add to basket
RG-DP01 Cushioned door protection pad 1000x750x28mm 18.99
Self-adhesive bump protection pad - apply to the end and sides of your garage to prevent dents and paint scrapes when open car doors. Dense foam absorbs impact and looks smart too. Now installed by many architects and builders. Add to basket
RG-Snow-2500 Race Glaze ph neutral Snow Foam 2.5 litre 14.99
Produces thick, clinging foam of very small bubbles to soften dirt as foam drips off your vehicle. Softens bugs, mud, salt deposits and road film, whilst not removing wax. Non-TFR based foam. Add to basket
RG-Snow-500 Race Glaze ph neutral Snow Foam 500ml 4.99
Produces thick, clinging foam of very small bubbles to soften dirt as foam drips off your vehicle. Softens bugs, mud, salt deposits and road film, whilst not removing wax. Non-TFR based foam. Add to basket
RR1 Deep pile natural sheepskin wash mitt 11.99
Fine, deep natural sheepskin wash mitt, with thumb, elasticated wrist and hanging loop. Its deep pile takes dirt away from the surface, preventing the scratches and swirls so easily generated by sponges. Hand wash, air dry. Add to basket