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Race Glaze complete product listing

Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes
Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes
Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax
Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax
Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers
Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers
Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth
Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth
Nano Sealant for lasting Protection
Nano Sealant for lasting Protection
Race Glaze 9H Ceramic Coating
NEW  Race Glaze 9H Ceramic Coating

New products in stock

Red Label & Green Label Hybrid Ultrawaxes - see

IronPRO Deironiser and Wheel Cleaner - a brilliant wheel cleaner with the additional property of turning brake dust red as it dissolves. Incredibly effective yet pH neutral and safe on all wheels.

Iron-PRO 500ml, £10.99  Add to basket    

Iron-PRO 5 Litre, £69.00  Add to basket

Frost-o-Holic Concentrated De-Icer - no water de-icer, made from alcohol blends so won't re-freeze. 500ml.

RG91  £4.99 Add to basket

Signature Nano Wheel Sealant - superb hi-tech spray-on Nano and wax wheel coat lasts 3+ months protecting all wheels from brake dust pitting and easing washing. Super economical in use, great low price for this kind of product.

RG-SS-Nano-Wheel-Seal-250    £9.99 (250ml)  Add to basket

RG-SS-Nano-Wheel-Seal-500    £15 (500ml)     Add to basket

Signature AquaGlide AutoWash - super concentrated absolute premium car soap, a real alternative to top end imported brands.

RG-SS-AG-250  250ml £12, Add to basket

RGSS-AG-500   500ml £20  Add to basket

Signature Tar & Glue Remover - loved by AutoExpress, EVO, Octane - super effective solvents easily remove old decals and baked on tar, distinctive metal bottle keeps the power safe.

RG-SS-T&G 250ml £7.99  Add to basket

Signature Acid & Caustic Free Wheel Cleaner - safe for any expensive wheels, thick gel consistency stays in contact with brake dust to work it away, a great maintainance wheel cleaner for the most precious wheels

RG-SS-Wheel-Clean 500ml £13.95 Add to basket

NEW Black Microfibre Detailing Cloth - Deep pile, plush, satin edged microfibre polishing cloth, 60cm x 40cm size. Everything you could ever ask for from a top quality cloth.

RG32 Black Cloth £6.99 Add to basket

Nano Fabric Protector

Simple spray on clear fabric protector for interior surfaces such as Alcantara. Hi-tech nano wwater based spray repelas dirt and water, lasts for many months as bonds to the fabric substrate.

RG37 Nano Fabric Protector 250ml £9.99  Add to basket

All items listed are in stock in numbers for immediate despatch except Shampoo Wash Pad & Folding Bucket (discontinued).

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Leather Gloss Leather Sealant Lacquer - Gloss each 15
A colourless fixative lacquer for finished and semi-aniline leather, to restore a luster to worn leather. Consider it a glaze for seats. We can also supply Matt and Super High Gloss to individual order. 150ml aerosol. Add to basket
RG13 Fabric Cleanse 250ml 7.99
Brilliant cleaner on all fabrics including headlinings, leather, carpet and vinyl. Concentrated soluble solvents remove paint based stains other cleaners leave behind. Deeply soiled seats and carpets with tricky stains a speciality. Add to basket
RG14 Colour Enhance - Plastic and Tyre Protectant 250ml 8.99
Superb dressing for tyres, rubber, plastics, inside and out. Exfoliates to restore weathered plastic like no other, turning grey trim on bumpers or body panels to black. Lasts up to 5 times longer than water based dressings, around 12 months. No sling or streak gel formula. Add to basket
RG15 Leather Cleanse - Cleaner 250ml 9.99
Cleans the most fragile leather with minimal saturation. Glycerine based. Use prior to application of Leather Balm on seats - simply wipe the seat with a damp cloth, apply a little product to a soft brush and gently foam up. Buff seat dry. Sufficient for Add to basket
RG15a Alcantara Cleaner 250ml 9.99
Proven spray on cleaner without VOCs for Alcantara car seats and trim, clothing and furniture. It will remove general soiling. Contains an active ingredient which wipes out up to 99.9% all microbial bacteria & prevents the growth of mould. Add to basket
RG16 Leather Balm - Conditioner 250ml 11.99
A totally natural cream conditioner that softens and preserves leather, reinstates the original smell of real hide (use on shoes, bags, sofas too !). Soaks in quickly to preserve with no sticky residue. Ideal for all leather, old and new to prevent cracki Add to basket
RG99/250 Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 250ml 6.99
A unique product for the car care market.

Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth at the microscopic level - kills MRSA, salmonella, listeria, E-coli, (food poisoning), legionella (bacteria causing legionnaires disease) and aspergillus niger (mould).

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RG99/500 Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 500ml 10.99
A unique product for the car care market.

Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth at the microscopic level - kills MRSA, salmonella, listeria, E-coli, (food poisoning), legionella (bacteria causing legionnaires disease) and aspergillus niger (mould).

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