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Sonax - Germanys finest valeting range ?



We were delighted that we were the first UK authorised web retailer of Germanys leading brand of car care products, Sonax.
With around 60% of their domestic market and huge brand visibility through long term sponsorship of the McLaren Formula 1 team and close association with Michael Schumacher, you can be assured that these products are manufactured to the highest standards, are safe, effective and straightforward.

We confidently predict that the Sonax range will become one of the most widely used in the UK within 2 years time, competing directly with household names such as AutoGlym and Turtle Wax, though Sonax is of superior quality, in our view.

Sonax Paint Renovator  SAVE 20%
Used after washing and prior to Sonax Perfection Polishing Wax, Sonax Paint Renovator cleans dull and extremely weathered standard and metallic paintwork, especially on older and classic cars. Its specially integrated formula of mild abrasives smoothes surface irregularities to restore shine and the original depth of colour. It can also be applied with a polishing machine, DA or rotary.

  • Quantity: 500ml
  • Price: £7.99 (WAS £9.99)- Add To Basket


sonax Sonax Colour Polish  SAVE 20%
Sonax Colour Polish will fill small scratches and surface damage to protect your paintwork against corrosion. The result will be a brilliant high gloss and long lasting protection due to its nano-sized wax particles. Order online and more details for [Sonax Colour Polish]


sonaxSonax Cockpit Shine - Gloss   SAVE £1
Cleans and protects all interior plastic components, and brings new shine and a fresh lemon fragrance into the interior of your car or other vehicle. It is dust-repellent and anti-static, and prevents plastics from becoming brittle. Sonax Cockpit Shine is also suitable for wooden instrument panels. Silicone-free.



  • Quantity: 400ml
  • Code: SONAX-CC-G
  • Price: £4.99 (was £5.99) - Add To Basket


Sonax Leather Care   SAVE £2
Gently cleans and maintains all smooth leather types in all colours, Water repellent and restores colours

  • Quantity: 250ml
  • Code: SONAX-Leather
  • Price: £4.99 (was £6.99) -Add To Basket

Sonax Trim Cleaner   SAVE £1

Another high quality, low price product from Germanys leading supplier of quality car care products.
300ml fine mist spray bottle for interior and exterior use to clean, maintain and protect all plastic and rubber components. Produces a high gloss surface and adds a fresh, pleasant fragrance with a useful anti-static effect

  • Quantity: 300ml fine mist spray
  • Code: SONAX-CC-TrimClean
  • Price: £4.99 (was £5.99) - Add To Basket

These products (below) have been so popular we are now out of stock

Sonax Deep Gloss Shampoo  SAVE 10%
Penetrates and loosens dirt without damaging the protective wax layer on the paint – its therefore ‘wax safe’. Cleans all paint, rubber, plastic, vinyl and glass surfaces, leaving a high gloss finish.Its dilution ratio is around 30:1, which makes each wash cost about 13 pence. The pack also includes a handy measuring cup.


  • Quantity: 500ml  
  • Price: £3.59 (WAS £3.99) - Add To BasketOUT OF STOCK
  • Quantitiy: 1 litre 
  • Price: £6.99 (WAS £7.99) - Add To BasketOUT OF STOCK

sonaxPerfection Polishing Wax    SAVE £1
Provides outstanding long-lasting protection against weathering with its high quality Carnauba wax ingredients. Sonax Perfection Polishing Wax also gently removes tar stains and maintains the paintwork, providing good levels of protection all year round - against sunlight and UV and in winter, against salt and spray. This product intensifies colours and produces a mirror-like gloss.


  • Quantity: 500ml 
  • Code: SONAX-WAX
  • Price: £5.99 (was £6.99) - Add To BasketOUT OF STOCK


Sonax Wash & Polish Kit
Buy a bottle each of Sonax Deep Gloss Shampoo, Paint Renovator and Perfection Polishing Wax and receive 2 free Microfibre cloths. AND SAVE £1.

  • Ouantity: Kit
  • Code: SONAX-KIT
  • Price: £20.00 - Add To Basket OUT OF STOCK

sonaxSonax Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner
We were hugely impressed with this product when we tested it in Spring 2010. It gently and thoroughly removes even stubborn deposits such as brake dust, oil and road dirt to restores the wheel's original appearance. Its spray on clear liquid formula clings to the wheel like other much more expensive wheel cleaners. Sonax Wheel Cleaner is suitable for all steel and light-alloy wheel rims. Crucially, it is a non abrasive acid-free formula. We forecast this will be hugely popular with professional valeters, detailers and enthusiasts, especially considering the price. Its an absolute bargain and is the regular choice of our own MD for use on his Porsche!

  • Ouantity: 500ml
  • Code: SONAX-WHEEL 
  • Price: £5.99 (was £6.99) - Add To BasketOUT OF STOCK

sonaxSonax Glass Cleaner
For use on interior and exterior windscreens, side and rear windows, headlamps and mirrors, Sonax Glass Cleaner instantly removes insects and road grime and it ideal for use before the car wash. It also removes greasy smear films and nicotine deposits from interior glass, leaving a fresh lemon fragrance. Economical and ergonomic trigger spray bottle made from recyclable plastic. Again, anothe really impressive product, well worth twice the price.

  • Quantity: 500ml
  • Code: SONAX-GLASS 
  • Price: £5.99 - Add To BasketOUT OF STOCK


sonaxSonax Interior Cleaner  SAVE £1
Gently and thoroughly removes even the most stubborn dirt from your car interior. Works on trims, upholstery, fabric covers, plastic roof linings and sun roofs, leaving a pleasant scent too. Easy to use spray trigger bottle.



  • Quantity: 500ml
  • Price: £4.99 (was £5.99) - Add To BasketOUT OF STOCK


sonaxSonax Cockpit Cleaner - Matt   SAVE £1
An effective dust-repellent and anti-static spray which also prevents plastics from becoming brittle. Sonax Cockpit Cleaner Matt is especially suitable for matt, textured surfaces and wooden instrument panels. It retains the cockpit's original matt appearance; distracting reflections on the front windscreen are avoided.



  • Quantity: 400ml
  • Code: SONAX-CC-M
  • Price: £4.99 (was £5.99) - Add To BasketOUT OF STOCK