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Zymol - Authorised ResellerZymol complete product listing

We’re proud to become the largest Authorised Reseller in the UK of the market-leading Zymol car care products range. We also stock every product up to special order products such as Destiny and Atlantique.

Since 2003 we’ve supplied owners of sports, classic, modern and luxury and everyday cars with sound advice and great products. Now we can supply you with the ultimate brand in car care – Zymol hand crafted waxes and protection products. Recognised as the best by the owners of the most loved cars in the world, Zymol is the target to aim for in automotive care products, hand crafted from natural ingredients.

Our MD is trained in the use of Zymol products and is always happy to advise on the most appropriate products for your needs.

We invest heavily in our Zymol stock and thus normally physically hold every wax up to and including Concours, not every UK reseller holds as wide a range as us.

We will gladly ship Zymol products outside the United Kingdom.


Zymol Spray Glaze  CSZ123     £19.99  OUT OF STOCK 12/6/17 Add to basket

Zymol product updates / Out of Stock listing - please read before ordering

  • AutoWash is now 48 oz, not 64oz and the packaging is not as illustrated. Priced the same at £28 per bottle. This information supercedes the actual product listing below. In stock (12 June 2017).
  • Cleaner Wax and Tyre Preserve now in stock (12 June 2017)
  • Zymol Wheel Brush out of stock.
  • Lehm Klay Kit out of stock
  • Spray Glaze out of stock
  • Wash Caddy - we now stock the special edition pink caddy (while stocks last)

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Zymol Cleaning


SKMTL100 Zymol Metall Kit £29
Chromed or plated surfaces need to be treated gently, so Zymol Metall Polish was developed specifically for automotive brightwork. Common brightwork metals include stainless steel, aluminium, nickel and others, all of which are susceptible to damage by sa - [Details] Add to basket
Z307 Zymol Strik 200ml £35
Cosmoline is the protectant for new cars during shipment, sprayed on most engine and exterior finishes to provide a barrier against exposure. To remove Cosmoline from new car finishes, dealers use very strong solvents that can cause severe damage. Zymol S - [Details] Add to basket
Z308 Zymol Fabrique 250ml £29.00
The oils from foods, your skin and your pets create an adhesive for dirt, road dust and airborne pollutants. Zymol Fabrique is a phosphorous-free, solvent-free, carbon dioxide-charged dry-wash fabric cleaner designed to remove foreign matter and oils from - [Details] Add to basket
Z505HC Zymol autowash 1.42L £28
Superb value new bottle size of 2009 formulation AutoWash - equivalent to 6 standard bottles, representing a massive saving - [Details] Add to basket
Z803 Zymol Seal 250ml £33
Soft seals such as those around doors, bonnet and boot lids present a number of problems. They're constantly being flexed and crushed whilst being subjected to hostile environments. Zymol Seal is derived from glycerine, a natural plant anti-oxidizing agen - [Details] Add to basket
ZC201 Zymol HD Cleanse 250ml £30
The second step to protecting your car’s finish is to remove any dead, oxidised paint. HD-Cleanse removes light oxidisation, moderate scratches, accumulated road film, tar, acid rain deposits, renewing your original paint luster. Use prior to first waxing - [Details] Add to basket
ZC201/Lube Zymol Lehm Lube Spray Kit £74
Supplied with Lehm Klay III. Used in conjunction with Lehm Lube will provide a silky smooth surface removing all contamination – tar spots, tree sap, overspray, brake dust, flies, bird mess and sundry bonded on fallout. The results will amaze you. - [Details] Add to basket
ZC203 Zymol Clear Auto Bathe 250ml £26.45
Use Zymol naturally derived Clear to remove loose dirt and road film. A unique combination of pure Tallow, Coconut Essence Oil conditioners and Lemon extract cleans and cares for your car. - [Details] Add to basket
ZC206 Zymol Lehm Klay III Kit £74
Supplied with Lehm Klay 2 Lube. Acid rain, road silt and fallout are the enemy of paint. Water and zymol Clear wash away the loose particulates but not the embedded pollution. The sun acts as a catalyst to help these paint-toxic pollutants penetrate and destroy your paint. - [Details] Add to basket
ZC304 Zymol Glas Premixed Spray 236ml £20
External exposure to bugs, tar, road oil, catalytic converter emissions makes windows a challenge even to the expert detailer. Internal exposure to formaldehyde and nicotine compound the problem. Zymol Glas is a phosphorous-free, ammonia-free glass wash. - [Details] Add to basket
ZC503 Zymol Cleaner Wax 500ml £22
The first ‘real’ Cleaner and Wax combined. Because of petrol-solvent limitations, cleaning and waxing products have had a history of either cleaning or waxing but not doing both very well. This No.1 rated Cleaner Wax is exceptional at both tasks. - [Details] Add to basket